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The information you provided describes "A Revolution National Computer Saksharta Mission" as an autonomous institution operating computer programs with the slogan "Information & Technology for All." The mission is initiated by an ISO 9001:2015 certified institute and is registered under various government bodies such as the Company Act 1956, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Computer Society of India (CSI), and Department of Labour.

The guiding and monitoring functions of the "A Revolution National Computer Saksharta Mission" (ARNCSM) are carried out by a governing council composed of 10 members. This council is responsible for overseeing the mission's activities and progress. The council is reconstituted during the Bi-Annual Conference, likely held twice a year, where new members may be appointed or existing members may be re-elected.


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